IT Audits

Unique Infotech can perform an obligation-free technology audit on your current computing environment that will provide an invaluable insight into your IT systems. A detailed assessment will identify potential risks, weaknesses and inadequacies and provide recommendations for improvements.

Project Management

Is your business planning an IT infrastructure upgrade? Does your organisation have an unclear technology strategy, or uncertainty about the most beneficial way of proceeding with a server upgrade or migration of a current system? Unique Infotech can assist with once-off projects and ensure they are completed on-time and on-budget.

IT Department Support

For larger organisations with existing IT departments and staff, Unique Infotech can provide supplementary support during special projects and times where additional technical expertise and resources are required.

Disaster Recovery

A good disaster recovery is vital for businesses of all sizes to ensure business-continuity, loss of data, downtime while systems are rebuilt and configured and the associated costs involved. Disaster recovery systems are designed to return the entire IT environment back to its previous configuration in the quickest possible time.

Free Consultation

  • Ready to engage Unique Infotech? Contact us today on (03) 9419 3396 to organise an onsite consultation to talk about your organisation's IT.

    During the consultation, we'll discuss your business and business objectives, workflow and evaluate your current IT systems and issues. After assessment we will provide important recommendations to improve the reliabilty and security of your IT, increase productivity and collaboration and reduce expenses.