Obtaining Remote Support

Obtaining remote desktop support from Unique Infotech is totally secure, ultra convenient and easy to initiate. To allow remote support, your computer must be connected to the internet and the Team Viewer remote support client must be running.

Save and close any documents that you have open as the computer may have to be restarted or the user logged out during the troubleshooting process. Additionally, all applications should be closed unless they are specifically related to issue the support technician will be looking at.

During remote support, your computer cannot be used for the entire remote support session. While the majority of remote support issues are resolved in 15 minutes to 1 hour, complex issues may take more time. We recommend arranging a time with a Unique Infotech technician that is convenient and will cause the least disruption to your work. During lunch or times when you wil be out of the office or in meetings are ideal times.

When instructed, please download and start the appropriate Team Viewer download:


Supports PC and Mac notebooks and deskops running either Windows 10 or Windows 11 operating systems. (Download)


Supports Mac notebooks and desktops running Mac OS operating systems. (Download)

Once installed, you will need to provide the Team Viewer ID and password. Our Managed IT customers may already have Team Viewer installed on their workstations and need only supply the ID and password.

Free Consultation

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