IT Department Support

Unique Infotech supports larger businesses with dedicated IT departments that have gaps or shortfalls in IT expertise or experience and require additional IT resources. Whether it be because of staff and resource shortages, or irregular project requirements, our engineers can provide "on-the-ground" IT support for organisations to support their Melbourne offices. Our ticketing systems allow our staff to provide reliable, dependable secondary IT support for your IT department.

IT departments located interstate rely on Unique Infotech to carry out onsite support tasks that they would otherwise not be able to carry out. We can assist with tasks that cannot be done remotely, such as hardware replacement, operating system installation and internet connectivity repair. Unique Infotech can help eliminate the need to make special interstate trips to resolve relatively simple support issues or lengthy delays until internal interstate IT support can assist.

Free Consultation

  • Ready to engage Unique Infotech? Contact us today on (03) 9419 3396 to organise an onsite consultation to talk about your organisation's IT.

    During the consultation, we'll discuss your business and business objectives, workflow and evaluate your current IT systems and issues. After assessment we will provide important recommendations to improve the reliabilty and security of your IT, increase productivity and collaboration and reduce expenses.